De Nieuwe Boerenfamilie

Test #4

Matthijs Post set up ProeVkantoor. With a network of more than 60 growers in North Holland, ProeVkantoor supplies sustainably grown fruit and vegetables directly from the grower on the consumer's plate (private and business). ProeVkantoor is the market leader in local products, with the largest group of growers in North Holland.

"My growers' collective wants to deliver more locally and that potential is certainly in the Amsterdam metropolis. They often see their fresh products being ruined in the (unnecessarily) large logistics chain and as a result, much is wasted. That is of course against the sore leg of our growers. I am now looking for a partner that ProeVkantoor can realize in the Amsterdam region. Someone with the same drive and passion for our (h) honest North Holland products. Someone who is going to create a network of pick-up points / ambassadors in order to get the packages from ProeVkantoor quickly and with the least possible environmental impact on customers. "

Matthijs is therefore looking for a partner to expand the ProeV office network in and around Amsterdam. Are you:

  • Do you agree with Matthijs' statement that growers should receive a fair price for their products?

  • A passionate and enthusiastic personality?

  • Full-time available to achieve success in a short time?

  • A networker, who knows Amsterdam eo well?

It is a paid, independent function.

👪 Do you want to start farming smarter together with Matthijs? Let us hear from you via suus [at] . Then we will bring you in contact with each other! 👪